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Tom Page – Co-founder, Chief Communication Strategist

Are you a busy school leader juggling many priorities?

If you don’t have the time and resources to take your school PR and communications to the next level, we can help.

 We’ll listen to you, clarify your needs, and then create a clear and actionable roadmap that’ll grow support with your key audiences and community.

Whether it’s website design, content development, crisis messaging, or election or marketing campaign planning, our SCN team has many years of experience in school PR and the know-how to effectively boost your online and offline strategies and tactics.

We believe the story of your district’s purpose, people, and programs deserve more than from random blips and blurbs.

If you think so, too – let’s talk.

You’re closer to Sharper Communications Now than you think. 

Let's chat. Just call or email

Reaching out to chat won’t cost you a dime. I’d be happy to hear about what you have in mind, see if we can help, and provide you references to our past and current clients.

It’s all pretty simple. . . really!


Tom Page

We respect everyone’s privacy. This is why we don’t highlight the school districts, non-profits, and other organizations we’ve been privileged to work for here. We’ll gladly share them with you during our chat if you like. Hope you understand.