Day #2 of Cindy’s “100 words or less” School PR challenge – SCN Encourager

Yep, I’m nailing it!

Cindy didn’t think I could do it.

Be both BRIEF and EFFECTIVE through Friday, that is.

But my nifty graphic is doing the trick.

By referencing a list of 5 traditional School PR cornerstones on the left, all I have to do is add one new cornerstone on the right everyday… and tah-dah!

How can I lose when a graphic only counts as one word?

Yesterday I featured the word “empathetic.”

Here’s today’s addition.

Share-able at 6.51.17 PM










You’ll see I added the word “share-able.”

Audience building is where the action’s at today – and you won’t be able to succeed at this at all unless your stories, images, and highlights are easily share-able.

And remember, the more empathetic your stories, images, and highlights are, the better.

So here’s the big takeaway.

One way to ensure something gets shared like crazy is to tell just one person that your piece of news is top secret and must remain hush-hush.

That’s it.

Soon the entire planet will soon be all over it!

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