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So says a top Wall Street Journal “Online Influencer”

Don’t ask.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.07.47 PMI have no idea why the Wall Street Journal named Neil Patel one of the top online opinion leaders.

I just know I’m not one.

So evidently, it must have something to do with achieving a fair measure of  fame and fortune.

It figures.

Exclude me from the get-go.

Forbes also had high praise for Patel.

It recognized him for consistently coaching up online communicators with great success.

Patel said anyone who writes to reach others should weave in the following “trigger words” whenever they’re a good fit.

Here’s the list.

There are some interesting words on it, for sure… none too shocking.

Not to be confused “almost free.” Big difference!

•  NEW
Thanks to FOMO. This word keeps us always on the alert.

Readers prefer this to self-proclaimed “wild guesses.” (Ouch!)

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.10.33 PM•  EASY
Apparently taking something complicated and only making it “less complicated”  underwhelms.

The need to know is in our DNA. Did you know we covet knowing what others don’t. (I just didn’t ruin a secret, did I?)

Using this word shows you’ve got more to offer. Boy, you have no idea how I wish “LESS” was on this list.

•  THE
I couldn’t believe this even made it on the list. Then I realized Patel meant “the” – as in people don’t want an answer, they want “the” answer. Got it.

•  YES
Patel reports this is the most “inspiring’ word out there. (Yes, even above my “almost free.)

•  IF
People find IF “enticing” and best paired with a unique possibility or outcome.

This word transcends its negative leaning, especially when used with “I will never…

Attach it to a cool vision or destination (ex. The Lions in the Super Bowl) and you’ve quadrupled its impact.

Not commonly used, but transformational. People “choose” and throw in a major dose of commitment.

•  YOU
YOU cannot overuse this word. Unlike “I,” which you can overuse. (YOU got it?)

I hope this list was helpful for you.

Thirteen words only gives me a starting point.

I need Patel to create a long list of trigger sentences and paragraphs.

Then I’d be ready to roll!

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