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Too busy running your school district to effectively promote it?

If the positive messages about your district’s direction, people, and progress are getting lost in the daily muddle and noise,  let’s change this. We create CLEAR, CONSISTENT, and COORDINATED strategies designed to grow community support and free up time for you to devote to your core mission. Let’s build a step-by-step personalized roadmap, grounded in your goals and uniqueness, that will help you and your district STAND OUT. Let’s discuss it. (Free) Encourager Photo


Check ’em out! The PR and marketing tips and quips from Tom Page are popular. 96% approval from canines. 70% approval from humans. An impressive 83% aggregate score!

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Lunch u0026amp; Learn LUNCHINARS

Why languish during lunch, erasing 95 draft emails, when you can join in our free, 45-minute #scnLunchinar? Learn from communications experts as they are deftly interviewed by SCN’s Holly McCaw. You know, languishing is so 14th Century! So keep growing in what you know.

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