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A kick from a goat did the trick! – SCN Encourager 7/22/13

My good spirits have returned. Encouraging you and other school communicators is not a problem for me today. (And yes, I know it’s a Monday…) All it took was a one-day roundtrip excursion via train to Chicago over the weekend. While seated comfortably with my wife Cindy in the train car, I thought about how…

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Sorry to be a “downer” today. – SCN Encourager 7/19/2013

I won’t lie to you. I’m somewhat discouraged today. The purpose of the Encourager is to provide an “encouraging email check-in” with you and other school leaders and communicators. And since the purpose of the Encourager has nothing to do with providing guaranteed wisdom, fool-proof communications strategies, free 24/7 tech support, or getting pizza to…

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What? Instagram videos don’t reflect reality? – SCN Encourager 7/18/2013

Fantasy? (It’s overdone.) Reality? (Ho-hum.) What’s left?  Jenna Wortham is the tech writer for the NY Times. Her recent article “Instagram Video and the Death of Fantasy” calls to question without totally dismissing Facebook creator Mark Zuckerman’s prediction that the creation of millions more micro-videos for sharing on social media is the “future of memory.”…

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