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Greeting you today from Portland, Maine – SCN Encourager 9/20/2013

It’s a bright cool sunny day and it’s good to be alive. Last night I wasn’t sure I’d be able to say this. You see, back in July, I scheduled Sept.18-22 as vacation days and made reservations for the annual marketing and online communications “Agents of Change” conference. I think I should’ve signed up for…

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My journey toward average – SCN Encourager 9/19/2013

The poster I saw in one of our schools is true. “We grow from our mistakes.” This is great news for me because it affirms that the fuel for my commitment to improve my professional skills (and share them with you) is sustainable. An enviable genetic history or a rich uncle isn’t required. (Longed for…

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The Overwhelm. So now it’s a noun? – SCN Encourager 9/17/2013

What English class did I miss? All summer long I saw articles blaring away about “the Overwhelm.” You probably spotted them, too. (Okay… long before I did!) Titles like the ones below were plentiful. Avoid the Overwhelm. Manage your Overwhelm. Stay fit despite the Overwhelm. Defeat the Overwhelm. Delegate away your Overwhelm. (I hope that…

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