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How am I? First tell me the color of the walls. – SCN Encourager 10/23/2013

Other factors beside high stakes testing affect creativity. Not that I’m an expert (or even a guru) about this topic. The first time I wrote about creativity at all was in yesterday’s Encourager. So when I received comments back like “Did you know that color also affects creativity?” and “How come you didn’t connect creativity…

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Doubling down on my one word examples – SCN Encourager 10/21/2013

My journey toward average continues. Not only did I make a wrong guess for the one word used most frequently by our most successful people (“No”), even my tiny list of the one-word possible answers came up short. As if the Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings haven’t caused me enough misery lately. Actually though, I…

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50 Shades of Grey. Money. A nudist. – SCN Encourager 10/17/2013

Yep, this headline is about as provocative as you can get. Too bad none of us could use it in our day jobs. It might draw greater attention to the articles we churn out about common core, our heightened standards, and the tangible transformation of our schools. It’s unfortunate that the “headline winners” in today’s…

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