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Confession is good for the soul. – SCN Encourager 12/13/2013

At least I hope it is. Otherwise I’m never using this cliché again. There’s some family history behind this 5th (and last!) book I have added to my Christmas list. And I’m somewhat embarrassed by it. Last year my youngest brother Rick attended a three-day conference in Orlando. He’s been a realtor in Holland for…

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How to become a media company CEO – SCN Encourager 12/12/13

Oh wait! You already are one! Gary Vaynerchuk was born in Russia, learned English in our schools, helped grow his father’s wine selling business into a million dollar enterprise, and has written two NY Times bestsellers on social media strategies and practices. He says that every organization is a media company today, whether its leaders…

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Sorry. ZMOT is not a spicy Greek appetizer. – SCN Encourager 12/10/13

It’s the acronym for “Zero Moment of Truth.” Don’t worry if you didn’t know this. I didn’t either, until I flipped through Jay Baer’s new book, “Youtility.” Even if you already knew this, you’d probably find “Youtility” worthwhile. Communications expert John Jantsch described it as “the encyclopedia of useful” and that’s Baer’s book in a…

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