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Wearable ads. This is called progress, right? – SCN Encourager

The early adopters are already off and running. Don’t tell me you’re one of them. I’m still sitting up in the bleachers watching and wondering what the future impact of the new “wearable ads” technology will be. I’m plopped comfortably in the cheap seats because I’m hoping to delay another inevitable “if you can’t beat them, join them” cave in.…

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What experts do (or so I’ve been told) – SCN Encourager

Premier thought leaders and experts share several characteristics. And to tell you what they are, I wish I was able to just look in the mirror and report back to you. But since life is so unfair, I must use a magnifying glass and my copyrighted “outrospection” technique to obtain answers. Thankfully, my fact-facting process is fairly simple. It involves finding a magnifying glass…

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Improve your game with Miguel Cabrera’s mindset – SCN Encourager

Miguel Cabrera has more than superior strength, keen eyesight, and speedy-kwik reflexes. He probably owns a Swiss bank and a small army somewhere. But “Miggy” also possesses two other qualities that we should adopt and make a part of our professional resource “arsenal” as Tigers’ commentator Jim Price would say. (and say, and say, and say…) And while I wish the two…

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