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The value of futuristic thinking. – SCN Encourager

Take a close look at the headline above. Futurist David Zach believes the “.” should be replaced with a “?“  Remember when I wrote about him and futuristic thinking last week? Well, you might’ve forgotten. Zach didn’t. In fact, he sent me several Direct Messages on Twitter later in the day that are still challenging my thinking…

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it! – SCN Encourager

Back when I was in high school, this expression was popular among my friends. But maybe this was just a Flint thing. I sure hope so – because now it’s only embarrassing. Really, it is. If I handed you one of my high school yearbooks and one of last Sunday’s newspaper advertising circulars for a national Halloween costume chain store –…

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Tuesday Tech Tip: Ready, Set, Plan!

Putting a video together is a lot like buying something in the store that says “assembly required.” You know what it’s supposed to look like, but you’re not exactly sure how to put it together. Success is often the result of  following good directions. When you begin to create your own school video from scratch – from…

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