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There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter “Ho-Ho-Ho” – SCN Encourager

Every time I hear a squeaky high-pitched “Ho-Ho-Ho” from a Santa wanna-be, I’m reminded of Communications Trend #4. Santa has been crafting his “authentic voice” for generations. It’s to the point where we all know the real Santa’s “Ho-Ho-Ho!” when we hear it. That’s how effective Santa’s “authentic voice” is! We even know (by now) that after every…

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Gifts from your “Secret Santa” and Communications Trend #7 – SCN Encourager

Santa possesses more than a generous heart. He’s also a grand master at employing two traditional gift-giving maneuvers – the secret and the surprise. During this time of year both maneuvers are extremely effective when carried out at just the right moment. I should know. I’ve done the exact opposite often enough. Even when I wrap up presents in “fooler boxes”…

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