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A speedy-kwik school communications quiz. You game? – SCN Encourager

The result may surprise you. Let’s begin. There’s only one question. It follows this scenario. Imagine you need to write a friendly greeting to a group of 200 random parents. You want to invite them to take a short online survey… and your “friendly greeting” is the key to getting good participation. You know you need to connect with your parents right away. You don’t…

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Got a good grasp on the alphabet? You could help lead Google! – SCN Encourager

After all, it anchored its new holding company in the ABCs. Elementary. A few simple props. Lots of speculation on Wall Street. And critics galore. I’m just glad the latest Google story contained something even an old 2nd grade teacher like me could follow. Did you catch what happened? Recently Google created a holding company called Alphabet, Inc. to oversee the operations…

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The 3 monumental “mental triggers” in marketing (with a slight detour for Elvis) – SCN Encourager

The trick is trying to determine the right balance. Dang. Somehow I knew combining these three triggers wouldn’t be easy. Luckily, marketing expert Bill Belew knocks ’em out in a simple list. Honestly, getting this list together for you was somewhat of a challenge for me because there’s a much more famous “Bill Belew” – the renown costume designer who created…

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