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11 words was all it took for “the expert” to clarify things yesterday – SCN Encourager

The day was still young when David Zach came to my rescue. He couldn’t help it. When he read my amateur treatise on trend-spotting yesterday, he knew a speedy-kwik intervention for my round-a-bout was needed. As a former MSPRA speaker and all-around good guy, what other choice did he have? He couldn’t let my loopdie-dooing around about the difference between trends…

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The one question marketing & promotion pros keep in the forefront – SCN Encourager

While the answers will vary, this single question directs discussion where it needs to be. It will help you fine tune your tweak. And who among us doesn’t crave experiencing a tip-top tweak? So I apologize for not getting into this yesterday. But I forgot all about it… Right up until a few folks emailed me back to ask “what sort of tweak do YOU have in mind?…

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