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Holy Chromoly! No wonder school PR folks are stressed! – SCN Encourager

We’re all on this list… somewhere! Three cheers for #6! That’s the spot CareerCast slotted for “PR pros” when compiling their list of the Top Ten “Most Stressful” positions. I’m not making this up. The proof is right here. But this list is very, very interesting, don’tcha think? Sure, a number of jobs are totally ignored (brain surgeon,…

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Got a speech, presentation, or pitch coming up? Here’s another way to tackle it. – SCN Encourager

Consider this approach when the traditional tried and true fails to get your creative juices going. You know that storytelling’s big. Real big. Even speedy-kwik “moments” captured via Snapchat or Vine are enhanced when connected by a common narrative. You don’t need all that much. Some kind of beginning, implied or actual. Some kind of ending, implied or actual. And tah-dah, you’ve…

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A twist and turn in a good way (and at my age I’ll take it!) – SCN Encourager

Futurist David Zach said several things I never would’ve predicted. He zigged. When I was sure he’d zag. Oh, brother… Some futurist I’d make. Here’s a quick example from Tuesday’s Lunchinar. Host Holly McCaw asked David to explain the difference between a trend and a fad. Her follow-up question came on the heels of Zach saying “school leaders should…

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