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What are the odds of lightning striking twice? – SCN Encourager

It happened! I’ve beaten the odds! Forgive my boasting. I’d push out my chest with pride if it didn’t require me to first suck in my gut. But think about it. Recently I wrote about the importance of first impressions and how we’re really only as good as our last impression. And dang. What does master marketing…

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Do you like living in the shadow of all of those “gaps?” – SCN Encourager

No doubt you’re pretty good at it. Most school leaders and communicators are. When you get right down to it, we’re usually working hard to maintain a razor thin gap between Awareness and Action. We’re practically immersed in “gap management.” – achievement gaps, – legislative mandate & funding gaps, – costs & revenue gaps, – and the gap between who “our students…

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Is your idea of a Resource Inventory way too narrow? – SCN Encourager

Campaigns and plans need more than money, you know. Successful campaigns and plans combine a myriad of components. And frequently pulling the funding piece together is the easiest part. You wouldn’t think so. (I don’t. Er… Cindy doesn’t.) But it’s true. While money is important, the other 19 assets on my Resource Inventory are actually more difficult to obtain. Because not knowing where you are with each…

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