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Marketing expert “Gary Vee” said this to grads. (Was he right?) – SCN Encourager

He sure loves to shake things up. I’ve written about master marketer Gary Vaynerchuk before. Remember? (OK. Humor me.) Vaynerchuk was the “be honest” about your bucket guy. He’s never shy about sharing his cutting edge insights. He’s outrageous. And is frequently straight-out profane. But he points out trends in the global marketplace (AKA our social and consumer behavior) like…

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Adventures in foul-ups (Chapter 2) – SCN Encourager

School communicators are a pretty forgiving group. Thank you! After sharing my Mother’s Day fumble yesterday, I appreciated the feedback. For sure, we’ve all been there. Overlooking something important we should’ve caught long before someone else had to point it out. One of you even sent me this photo along with this message:“Tom – at least you didn’t…

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