4 actions you take that always make a difference – SCN Encourager

And these “4 A’s” are free to boot!

The bottom line truth contained in this statement is no doubt why you push these out at every opportunity.

You understand your team and entire school family need to keep hearing this.

[Big pat on the back for you inserted here]

Now me?

Don’t ask.

I’m a grandmaster at overlooking the obvious.

Even important bottom line truths.

This is why periodically check-in with self-described “Jersey girl” Marie Forleo.

Her Marie.tv shows on YouTube are incredible… and they always get me thinking.


So somehow, someway… you’ve got to find 30 minutes to take in her interview with marketer extraordinaire Seth Godin.

If you consider yourself any kind of communicator-influencer-persuader-marketer at all, spending investing a half hour with Marie and Seth will take you immediately to the cutting edge of more than a dozen fresh insights and perspectives.

Now truth be told, have I ever actually sat down and purely focused on watching a 30 minute YouTube video?

Heck no!

I reserve that kind of expenditure of my time for sports on TV.

(Life’s priorities and all…)

So do what I do.

Pull up the interview on your phone or iPad just to listen to it in the background while commuting, doing the dishes, or shoveling snow – and trust me – you’ll soon be stopping and replaying sections just to make sure you “heard that right.”

Now I probably should’ve deleted the phrase “and trust me” in the previous paragraph.

That was probably was a bit of a reach.

Sorry ’bout that.

But you know the classic communication maxim.

Keep repeating something often enough and soon people will believe it.

So… we shall see.



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