4 attention-getting strategies that are sizzling hot in today’s marketing world – SCN Encourager

And it wasn’t so long ago they were only lukewarm.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.44.39 PMThat’s why I could only guess one.

Customer service. 

Choosing it correctly signaled a gigantic improvement over my usual score.

For I never could’ve guessed the other three.

Not only are they a little long in the tooth (like you know who), these tactics are reminiscent of billionaire Warren Buffet’s well-known financial advice that higher-than-average investment opportunities are usually found on the road less traveled.

Thermometer - Mercury Rising Bursting - Heat RisingSo, in keeping with Buffet’s paradigm (where every vehicle has a better chance of standing out on a less busy highway), here are 4 attention-getting school marketing strategics that are rapidly proving themselves to be extremely effective in 2016.

1.  customer service

2.  email communications

3.  direct response print materials

4.  useful & engaging live events

You took note of #1, didn’t you?

Customer service.

And if you’re eager to ramp up your knowledge in this area, I invite you to join me at our next 45 minute Lunchinar.

It’s on Wednesday, Feb. 3, and all of the details are right here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.39.32 PMThe topic is customer service in our schools and the Lunchinar guest is Superintendent Kelly Middleton of Newport Independent Schools in the Cincinnati suburb of Newport, Kentucky.

I heard him speak at last year’s MSPRA Seminar and he clearly walks his talk.

Kelly cares deeply about his students and staff, and by expanding the commitment to customer service in his district, he ‘s seen positive results pop up all across the board.

Plus, he’s a good guy with a wonderful sense of humor.

How’s that for a winning combination?

It definitely stands in a stark contrast to the longtime losing combination I’ve been using for my own investment portfolio.

I just found out about Warren Buffet’s road-less-traveled advice last week, dang it.

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