The absolute best marketing advice – SCN Encourager 4/24/2014

Sorry to pass on “hearsay” marketing advice.

But it’s not like I’m on a first name basis with nationally known marketing gurus.

Or even on a last name basis for that matter.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.13.26 PMBut when author and Rutgers marketing prof Mark Schaefer mentioned a conversation he had with Robert Cialdini, Ph.D., I remembered a series of Encouragers I had written back in October.

I’m sure you recall each one of them vividly. (All of my dreams are farfetched.)

In the course of that week – and in the span of more than 2000 words – I highlighted Cialdini’s “six pillars of influence” one by one by one…

Luckily, Cialdini stopped at six pillars or I’d still be rattling on and on and on…

When Schaefer asked Cialdini about the best marketing advice he had to offer to leaders, Cialdini responded with just three words.

And they were good words, too.

Dang! I couldn’t believe it.

I had to write everyday for a week about Cialdini… and Schaefer just talks to him in person and extracts an awesome three word tip!

I know I should do the right thing and direct you to it ASAP.

This link goes right to Mark Schaefer’s short article.

I hope you enjoy it.

Don’t let my struggle with the unfairness of life stand in your way.

Tom Page, SCN
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