All is well… just as long as you stay on the “Most Stressed” list – SCN Encourager

Yeah, I realize this wasn’t my message last week. 

But I pivoted.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 5.33.44 PMOr as they’d say in politics –

I flip-flopped.

And now I feel like a knucklehead.

Because for about 72 hours there, I was quite proud of Thursday’s Encourager and Friday’s Encourager and my two-part spotlight on the real-world STRESS that we share.

They were winners in my book.

I should’ve known, though.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 5.49.45 PMWhenever I feel “quite proud” of something I’ve done… it’s usually takes only a few hours before the pendulum starts swinging back in the other direction and smacks me unexpectedly on my backside.

The wake-up whack served its purpose.

It forced me to re-think my two previous “poor us” rallies against the stress factors that frequently vex us.

Now, as Cindy would tell you (and I know she’d tell you because she’s already told me), I don’t easily give up on a position once I’ve staked it out.

So, when it comes to discussing the proven stress inherent in our lives, I’m still gonna moan and groan and say, “poor us.”

But now I realize I should’ve included an epilogue.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 5.41.23 PMBecause it’s actually by accepting our steady stream stressors – and choosing to respond to them appropriately and effectively – that we become a “better us.”

True growth is anchored in taking action on the stress of a challenge and learning from the experience.

Reading about how someone else addresses challenge isn’t the same thing.

I wish it weren’t so.

Because this forces me to make another change.

My original plan for today had been for me to ask you (beg you) to share how you’re dealing with all of your stressors and challenges.

But I can’t.

If I want to grow, I’ve got to work my way through my own.

Dang flip-flops anyway.

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