Are you a big thinker? – SCN Encourager

That is…

are you one who thrives on “thinking big?”

Brooke Castillo is a life coach and founder of LifeCoachSchool.

She’s extremely bright…

very much like you, only you’re directly involved with real-world “life school,” the real deal.

Anyway, Brooke has a fantastic podcast with a ton of insights about depression, self-confidence, relationships, and strategies for dealing with all kinds of daily mindset stuff.

The other day Brooke said she has a simple one question test for anyone who pats themselves on the back for being “a big thinker.”

You ready?

Here ’tis.

“Do you spend more time analyzing data and evidence or more time exploring and encouraging the possibilities?”

Brooke said most of us fall into one of these two camps.

(And spoiler alert –
the number crunchers aren’t typically the big thinkers.)

So this is a good question for us to wrestle with a bit, don’tcha think?

Hopefully,  you and I do what we can to be possibility encouragers , not possibility extinguishers.

Brooke deserves credit for effectively addressing so many vexing issues in her podcast, as I noted, ones like depression, self-confidence, relationships, and all kinds of that daily mindset stuff.

Please know that none of her topics actually apply directly to me, however.

I only tune in to her show because an elderly neighbor asked me to!

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