A speedy-kwik test to see if you’re a school communicator “pro” – SCN Encourager

It seems everyone is getting tested on something this week.

Why not you?

Here are three questions to wrestle with.

I modified them (AKA pulled them out and totally mished-mashed them) from Steven Pressfield’s insightful and intelligent book “The War of Art.”

He wrote this book with folks like us in mind.

I’m convinced you’ll find it worth a spin.
(In one of your carefree quiet moments… ha!)

Pressfield said there are a number universal characteristics shared by top professionals regardless of their field of endeavor.

I’m just going to bug you with three.

Pro Attribute Question #1

Pressfield said top tier pros always “show up.”

Well, do you?

Yeah, I bet you do.

But we both know this is kind of a tricky question for those who don’t have a pro’s mindset, though.

Because the answer has nothing to do with just clocking in for work on time – and has everything to do with being able to anticipate where you need to be ahead of the time you’re most needed.

Pro Attribute Question #2

Pressfield said top tier pros always know when to “step up” and when to “step away.”

So I’ll ask again… do you?

Do you know when to “step up” and when to “step away?”

This one’s is a bit tougher, isn’t it?

Personally, I would’ve preferred a question asking me if I knew when to “step in.”

That’s what I’m a ninja-guru-hall-of-fame expert at.

Stepping in stuff.

Pro Attribute Question #3

Pressfield said top tier pros always embrace what needs to be done and “own it.”

One last time, I gotta ask… do you?

Do you embrace the situation (whatever comes your way) and “own it?”

That’s what a pro does.

I bet you nailed this one too, you dickens.

I’m still processing this one myself.

I’m trying to figure out if stepping up to own situations I’ve been the cause of meets Pressfield’s criteria.

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