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How I cured the hiccups in GoAnimate.

Okay, I should’ve watched the help tutorial first! That would’ve given me the cure I was looking for. GoAnimate is a nifty online tool for creating animated videos, a product first shown here by SCN’s Holly McCaw. I recently jumped into GoAnimate with both feet to create three animated cartoon lessons in school communications.  I…

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What’s in your wallet? Something that’ll help with Tech Tip Tuesday?

Are your boss’ initials U-F? * Money is tight for our schools. Like it or not, school communicators have to be down right parsimonious in their thoughts, words, and deeds. But receding funds shouldn’t stop you from making a video that tells a compelling story about your schools. And what you need to get started is probably…

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Tech Tip Tuesday: You’re free to be YOU… even with Wufoo!

Parents, board members, we present Wufoo . . . You gotta admit, gracing your online form with the name “Wufoo” in the left hand corner could be startling. Some people might think something’s strange is up… like you’re about to check IDs to confirm that everyone is older than 21. For sure, just seeing the name Wufoo can have that…

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