Even the math challenged among us can avoid the “dimension X” hiccup in GoAnimate

This tip doesn’t offer an old-time rags to riches “Horatio Aspect” ending – but this minor hiccup is gone!

hiccup3Last time, we conquered Hiccup #1 in GoAnimate, finding the right format to add lip syncing to the character on screen.

Today, we tackle Hiccup #2, discovering a nifty way to avoid those ugly black bars on either side of your video.

GoAnimate is a great, online service for creating animated cartoon videos. Their customer support is superb.

What I found lacking, though, for a newbie like me, was a big road sign on the web site telling me there were potholes ahead when it came to the aspect ratio (the dimensions) of the video.

Check out my adventure below:

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