9/11 Remembering to remember – SCN Encourager 9/11/2013

We all know where we were on this day 12 years ago.

We all know how 9/11 (and all that followed) affected our schools, friends, community, and family members.

While very few of us were actually “victims” who had close loved ones ripped out of our lives forever… or even had any connection at all to the brave first responder teams, I think we all wrestled with – each in our own way – the chaos, the panic, and the aura of uncertainty that arose out of the 9/11 attacks.

Unfortunately, a real-world understanding about “the many aspects of a crisis” is an attribute we can all list as a sub-header on our resumes.

So you don’t need a joke from me today.

I know that much.

But let’s not overlook the valuable lessons we learned as school leaders and communicators exactly 12 years ago.

Although intensively personal, those lessons strengthened our commitment to serve and our ability to do so.

Remember to remember them.

You may find special significance and meaning in your work today.

It’s just possible.

Tom Page, SCN


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