Bedazzle the world with a fresh slogan or tagline. (On the Speedy-Kwik!) – SCN Encourager

You’ll never have to fret over creating new slogans and taglines ever again.

Thanks to this Shopify link –

you can come off as a sooper-dooper creative type in the minds of your peers in less than 5 seconds!

Who wouldn’t want that?

I know I would!

Since my peers typically must wait around for months before I come up with a worthwhile idea.

But not anymore.

I’ve now got a secret technological tool that’ll turn me into a word-smithing ninja!

And you can join me.

So if you’re interested in securing a future career as a highly paid and highly respected slogan and tagline consultant like I intend to be, here’s what you need to do.

It’s only 1-step.
(Which certainly explains its appeal to me.)

All you have to do is identify one of “your brand’s” keywords and enter it into Shopify’s nifty slogan generator.

The popular e-commerce website builder Shopify has collected more than 1000 well-known taglines and slogans.

Once you send in your keyword to its generator, you’ll get a listing of hundreds of potential brand-boosters back, all ready for you to tweak and edit.

Easy. Peasy.

I tried out the generator myself using Holland Public’s historic moniker “The Dutch” and the auto-generator spit out a number of amazing possibilities.

I didn’t think my superintendent would think they were so amazing, though, so I moved onto Plan B.

So I typed in me – Tom Page – instead.

Here’s a sampling of the sure-fire winners I received:
•  I’m only here for Tom Page.
•  You deserve Tom Page today.
•  Santa, all I want is Tom Page.
•  The Tom Page fizz does the biz!
•  All you add is Tom Page.
•  Only Tom Page can prevent forest fires.
•  This is not your father’s Tom Page.


Maybe 98% of the slogans and taglines with my name as the keyword are indeed crappy once viewed in the light of day.

But hey!

Just reading the list of personal slogans and taglines created by Shopify’s generator stroked my ego considerably.

And maybe the Shopify link will do the same for you.

Sure, these computer generated slogans and taglines may not be perfect.

But they will ratchet up your self-confidence a ton.

And because the generator is free, stocking up on new slogans and taglines is much cheaper than dressing for success everyday.

(Or at least I think it is. The way I dress… I’m not sure I’d know!) 

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