Before the glut of leadership gurus today, there was this guy. – SCN Encourager

He’s wise.

Extremely experienced.

And certainly has proven himself to be open to change.
(albeit after a bit of ghostly mentoring…)

But nevertheless,

whatever it took for him to embrace a new personal paradigm,

ol’ Ebeneezer certainly has now set the bar pretty high, don’tcha think?

Dang it.

It’s one thing for me to not be living up to the standards of Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, or Gandhi.

I gave up that on that long ago.
(at about age two according to mom)

But Scrooge?!?


The man I see in the mirror every morning can’t even hold a candle to Scrooge?!?

(Heck, he doesn’t even produce a podcast!)

Oh well,

I guess it couldn’t hurt me to suck-it-up and try to up my game.

At least for the next few days anyway.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –