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Level up customer service in your schools. [A brand new Lunchinar!]

You’re invited! On Tuesday, January 22, we’re launching the 2019 SCN series of monthly Lunchinars! Now what’s a Lunchinar? (In case you didn’t already know…) It’s a FREE live streaming “lunch & learn” event that runs from 12:15 – 1 pm. [Sign Up Here.] Imagine a 45-minute friendly get-together with other school leaders and communicators eager to keep growing in…

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Boo! (This really is a scary thing to the Navy Seals.) – SCN Encourager

I’m serious. “Boo!” is something the Navy Seals are trained to avoid. I don’t like surprising “Boo!” scares, either. But that really isn’t much of a shared connection, is it? It hardly catapults me up to their elite level. (Dang it!) Besides – in the real world of the Navy Seals –”Boo!” is just another…

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Can you help me out with a problem? – SCN Encourager

Okay, here’s what I’m wrestling with. I can’t figure out if I’m now “writing up” to Harvard Business Review’s standards… or if they’re starting to woefully “write down” to mine. I’d be curious to know what you think. Now truth be told, I only saw these two tweeted-out HBR articles after my eyes first locked…

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