Celebrity endorsements flow in – SCN Encourager 6/25/2014

Big dollars flow out.


If you thought billboards and stadium light signs could chew up your marketing budget, wait until you try getting famous celebrities to promote your event.

It could lead you smack dab into a big bucks bankruptcy of Titanic proportions.

Or in my case, something more like a Gilligan’s Island “three hour rental cruise” situation (only without Ginger or Mary Ann).

Luckily, I found an Academy Award winning actor who did not wait for my check to clear the bank before recording a sincere and heartfelt endorsement of the SCN “Come Smart. Leave Smarter.” seminar on Friday.

You should take a look at his 15-second video before a meddlesome attorney makes me take it down.

So, if you are able to come to Lansing on Friday, please join us.

As a walk-in, you could probably ask to have your invoice sent to one of your neighboring school districts and we’d fall for it, so don’t be shy about just showing up.

Just try to arrive by 9 am.

Here are clear directions to the Michigan Educational Leadership Group Bldg.

And don’t forget to come along with these essential seminar components:

•  Wear a fun t-shirt that has some kind of meaning for you.
•  Be prepared to tell the group about your t-shirt without fibbing.
•  Have your favorite TV commercial or movie scene in mind.

Seem way too easy?

It isn’t.

You’ve got to anticipate all that could possibly go wrong.

Once I drove off to go on a trip with my suitcase still sitting in the garage.

This isn’t happening to me on Friday.

My t-shirt of choice is already on the back seat of my car.

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