Your coke. Your schools. Just do it. – SCN Encourager 5/23/2014

Oh wait. “Just do it” has nothing to do with Coke.


But I’m not turning back to work on a rewrite.

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I’m too excited.

Because an awesome user-generated video like the one below is definitely do-able.

Take a look – and then tell me you can’t copy this concept, too!

Even though I’ve yapped about those lightning bug videos before (aka Vine and Instagram), I’ll admit that I’ve struggled to envision how I could actually build them into our school district’s marketing effort.

Even one.

CLICK ON ME...please.

CLICK ON ME…please.

But this 30 second video was the speedy-kwik kick in the butt I needed.

Coca-Cola created a national TV spot for this unique ad, which is solely comprised of USER-staged-filmed-and sent in for editing snippets.

Beyond involving and delighting its loyal fan base, I think the zippy format of the video fits perfectly with the edgy and high-energy brand affirmation Coke was seeking.

I know I should’ve probably written a bit more today, but I’m off to buy a case of Coke.

So, this short Encourager will now conclude with my best wishes for a wonderful Memorial Day break.

And be sure to check out the video sometime.

It’s inspired me to seek out some edgy and high-energy affirmation of my own.

And who can tell what new adventures await?

But I think Cindy has some gardening plans in mind for the weekend instead.


Tom Page, SCN            Luckily, there’s no broccoli on Facebook.
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