What do you think about the wild popularity of superheroes? – SCN Encourager

Let’s hope our politicians don’t try to cap their number.

Our world can never have enough superheroes.

Including the superpowered imaginary ones we see on TV and in movie theaters.

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But on today of all days, it’s important for us to remember the REAL superheroes who sacrificed their lives while protecting and preserving our freedom.

After all, the difference between our imaginary and REAL superheroes is huge.

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I know you know this.

But sometimes you’d have a hard time telling that I do.

Because way too often I take our REAL SUPERHEROES for granted.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.44.09 PMIt really shouldn’t take a national holiday to prod me into remembering the significance of the obvious.

But it does.

And that’s not good.

My spirit of gratitude could use a speedy-kwik upgrade.

Fortunately, I have the freedom to get going on this.

(And frankly, the freedom to get going on quite a few other things as well.)

What a blessing it is to have the both the freedom to hopeand the freedom to act.

Many don’t.

All thanks to the REAL superheroes I (we) honor today.

Best wishes for an enjoyable and meaningful Memorial Day.


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