MSPRA’s president-elect is looking for inspirational videos – SCN Encourager

And here are my two contributions to the cause.

uncannyIt’s uncanny.

How much Kristin Tank and I have in common.

Of course, there are some major differences.

Kristin Tank is the public information officer for the Muskegon Area ISD (MI).

She’s the President-Elect of MSPRA.

I’m a school communicator located about 30 miles south of her office.

And I wear the moniker of Pest Non-Elect. 

Kristin’s bailed me out more than once. 
(Not literally…)

One of Kristin’s perks is she occasionally gets to send out emails to MSPRA members and request fast action.

Usually I’m clueless about how to respond.

But not this time.

Last Friday she requested suggestions for videos with school related themes and dang… I actually had something ready to go!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.49.30 PMThe first video in my queue is by Smarter Every Day.

A young bike rider will show you how to get grasp on the whole learn – relearn – unlearn challenge.

This 7 minute video showed me why it’s often so tough for many of us to learn new things.

It’s clear.

Our routine habits are rarely easily changed.

the ridgeThe second video also features a bike riding maniac and is 7 minutes long.

It’s by amazing bike rider Danny Macaskills.

If I was planning a “welcome back” staff orientation scheduled to start at 8 am, this is the video I would begin showing at 7:53 am.

It exudes the power of practice and focus.

Macaskills’ adventure on a cycle actually begins with a journey in a canoe.

This made me doubly impressed and raised yet one more question for me to wonder about.

I don’t know which I lousier at – canoeing or bicycling.

Leave it to me to drawn toward my weaknesses via an inspirational video!

Sorry, President-Elect.

I gave your request my best shot!







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