Just cruising along on my “100 words or less” challenge (Day 3) – SCN Encourager

I’m totally on auto-pilot thanks to my trusty “School PR 101” chart.

It’s almost official.

Start preparing to tell your friends you’ve now seen everything.

Much like Cindy, you too probably doubted my ability to compose a brief and effective email message in 100 words or less for five consecutive days.

Oh, ye of little faith…

Well, watch and marvel… as yet again by adding one simple word to my School PR chart I can remain comfortably positioned in victory lane.

Yesterday’s word was “share-able.”

It followed the much acclaimed “emphathetic”

Both are must-do’s.

And today’s word is no less brilliant (if I do say so myself).
Speedy-Kwik at 7.46.38 PM








“Speedy-kwik” is the word for today.

While, of course, it’s essential to create empathetic messages and stories that are easily share-able, you might was well forget about it if you’re going to be arriving late to the conversation party.

Being “speedy-kwik” is more important than ever.
It’s the fast responder who wins often than not today.

Cindy has a different perspective, though.

She wonders what I even know about “arriving late” to parties.

She’s demanding to see proof that I’ve ever been invited to any.

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