My most difficult “Encourager” ever – SCN Encourager 4/29/2014

Some things look easy until you try them.

All this website asks you to do is compose a quote.

Just one quote.

And then choose a graphic template to frame it.

I see elementary kids doing this all of the time.

This should’ve been a snap… but nope!

I froze… gazing for 20 minutes at the little blank “quote box”… and couldn’t think up anything.

It’s kind of embarrassing.

I couldn’t even recall a sports quote.

But now that I’ve royally flopped, it’s your turn.

I dare ya!

Check out ReciteThis by clicking on the image.Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.56.18 PM






You may find yourself on a very long journey searching for the right words or phrase.

And as the minutes roll by – while your brain battles QDD (Quote Deficit Disorder) – you may experience a strong sense of panic that’ll impact your self-esteem.

Because if you’re not able to create a quote quickly, you actually might start believing that you’re as inept as I am. (Relax. No one is.)

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.51.47 PMSo after more mental agony than I care to admit, I finally came up with the quote on the left.

I only kept at it because I know “The Encourager” must go on.

I realize it’s not something you’re going to rush to tweet out or anything, but at least I incorporated our school district colors.

My superintendent will see that I can still promote school spirit even when my mind is drawing a complete blank.

That’s what a seasoned pro would do, right?

Give ReciteThis a try sometime.

(Or have I set the bar too low?!?)

Tom Page, SCN
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