Does Amazon know you better than your friends and family? – SCN Encourager

Here’s a little holiday weekend roundabout…

First of all –

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday break and all that comes with it.

• Hanging out with friends and family,
• Eating fun food – and whatever’s paired with it,
• Playing at what you like to do (which for me is talking myself into liking whatever Cindy thinks we should play at…),
• and Celebrating our nation’s wonderful freedoms in your own way.

Because my son-in-law’s birthday is today (July 3), Cindy and Katelyn schemed up a fun series of gifts for us to give him.

So a few days ago, Cindy asked me to order two additional items from Amazon for him using my Prime account.

Which, of course, I was more than happy to do… once I got over the fact that I typically only get ONE gift on my birthday while HE (my son-in-law) will get a whole SERIES.

Anyway, after I placed the two items into my cart, I spotted Amazon’s “Recommended for You” section.


How’d they know I need to improve in all three of these areas?








Obviously, I can’t disagree with any of Amazon’s recommendations.

Hey, if anyone needs a better personality, a better brain, and a better body, it’s me.

But before you and Cindy get your hopes up, you should know.

I won’t be able to afford any self-improvement resources for quite awhile.

The series of gifts for my son-in-law has tapped me out.

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