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This tip is a grand slam multiplied by a slam dunk.


Cross my heart and all that jazz.

If you have anything to do at all with the creation of presentations, posters, flyers, and web graphics, you’ll want to check out

I’m passing this gem along in the same way you find out about a fantastic restaurant.

Canva is a recent start-up for designers… and also for folks like me — the designer-wannabes.

(Okay. I’m more like a designer-never-could-be.)

Naturally, I didn’t discover this site on my own, but thankfully, Mike Stelzner of the Social Media Examiner featured it in a recent podcast.

I met Mike when I attended the Agents of Change Conference in Portland, Maine, several months ago.

If you click over to what I wrote about Mike weeks ago, you’ll get a better idea about his communications and marketing credentials.

Why I wrote about the Portland Bay lighthouse back in September before introducing you to him further down in my article is puzzling… but I think I was trying to prove to the world that I actually was an attendee at this particular conference or something.

What a dumb reason.

Anyway, last week I heard Mike rave about Canva.

He said that it’s the most visually appealing, user inviting, project jump-starting website he has ever seen.

Plus, it’s incredibly USEFUL.

A rare find indeed, he reported.

Coming from him, I knew I had to check this site out.

He also explained in his podcast that Canva is still in beta-mode, which means that you must be invited by someone who is already a “using member”… but that you should enter your email information to get on the waiting list so that you’re ready to go when they really start rockin’.

You can see now why I signed up on my own.

No current “using member” of Canva was ever going to risk their reputation by inviting me in, and besides, adding my name to a list that committed me “to start rockin’ in the world of creative design” at some later date seemed like a edgy cheap thrill.

At least for me.

Mike Stelzner definitely didn’t steer his listeners wrong. is all he said it was and I’m excited to share it with you.

Can you tell?

And I think Canva is picking up some steam.

I sent in my user name and email address over the weekend and received my “You’re In!” reply on Monday.

My recommendation for you would be to send in yours right away before the notice of my official acceptance triggers an internal review of Canva’s membership criteria by its founders.

Stelzner said that even if you weren’t involved in the creative process directly, Canva was one website to be sure to bookmark.

It incorporates a unique elegance and functionality — with video!

And here’s another thing that’s kinda cool…along with it being FREE.

When you get accepted into Canva, you’re given the rights to enter in the email address of 5 people to join you right away as members.

Email me back and I’ll be glad to sign you in as one of my friends.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Canva might be out of beta-mode before 5 people will let me list them as friends!

Tom Page, SCN
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