In one word, what’s the secret to your success? – SCN Encourager

Two the richest men on earth were recently asked this question.

Not by me, of course… but somehow Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were asked to give the key to their success in just “one word.”

A borrowed photo of my prior earnings courtesy of my daughters' colleges.

A borrowed photo of my prior earnings courtesy of my daughters’ colleges.

Like both of the commentators on the radio, I was surprised when I heard that both men answered with the exact same word even though they were hundreds of miles apart.

“It’s uncanny,” said radio voice A, “Gates and Buffet both used the same simple word. Can you guess what it is?”

“Sure,” said radio voice B. “It’s LUCK. The word has to be LUCK.”

“Nope,” said radio voice A. “That’s not it.”

I was glad to hear it wasn’t LUCK.

As an in-the-trenches school communicator, I was hoping for a 21st century learning word like “collaboration.”

But I really didn’t think that would be it.


No, Gates and Buffet would choose something else.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.14.28 PM“Try thinking of a word that begins with the letter F,” hinted radio voice A.

“Hmm,” mused radio voice B, “Is it FAITH?”

Wow, I thought.

Wish I would’ve come up with that one.

The best I could come up with after hearing the clue was FOOD.

Pretty dumb guess, huh?

“No,” said radio voice A. “Their word was not FAITH.”

“Well, what was it?” demanded radio voice B. “I’m tired of guessing.”

I was, too.

Although now somewhat embarrassed that I mshared radio voice B’s fruit fly attention span.

And when I heard radio voice A report the right word, I didn’t feel any better for wanting to zip things along.

You’ll understand why.

The word was FOCUS.


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