Father’s Day 2017 was a-rockin’ on Twitter (No joke!) – SCN Encourager

The wisdom from generations of fathers has been relegated to hashtags!


I spotted these two on Sunday.

The first one made me wonder.

The second one made me cheer. (Yay!)






Like I said, the first hashtag made me to wonder if compiling social shares of “the best advice” of fathers was actually possible.

I mean, what fatherly maxim of any lasting value could really be reduced down to 140 characters or less?

Assuming your dad isn’t Donald Trump – think about it.

What loving advice about life did YOUR DAD pass down to you years ago could now be squeezed into a tweet?

This isn’t an easy question to answer.

It only took me about 30 seconds to come up with my dad’s.

I remember he was consistent about passing it along to my three brothers and me equally.

His advice was simple and 100% effective in any time, place or situation.

And to my surprise, his insightful words from the last century ARE INDEED tweetworthy in 2017!

“Go Ask Your Mother.” 

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