Four for Friday – SCN Encourager 5/24/2013

“Early to bed, early to rise…” Forget about it!

No wonder we’re tired! It’s the time of year we defy the laws of physics.

With so many school day special events, planning and budget meetings, and graduation related celebrations on our calendar – somehow, someway we manage “to be” at two or three places all at the same time.

Late May and early June are the only days I wish I had an identical twin brother. (The “stand in” help would be nice and oh, just imagine the Stephen King-esque possibilities…)

When you have a school sign in front of one of your schools that says, “Kudos to our 2013 Grads!” on the top line, and then down on the bottom line it says, “Parents: Enroll for your children for Fall,” you know you’re in the thick of it. All you can do is hope that an adequate supply of caffeine is nearby.

Sure, the hectic pace over the next few weeks can wear on you, but to be involved in so many grand send-offs and new beginnings is something to cherish. I wouldn’t change a thing. All around are reasons (tangible ones) to be an optimist.

For some, it’s a special season for anticipation and reflection. For others, it’s all about the long and grinding road to the Stanley Cup! (For me… let’s just say I don’t balance them well.) 

However, one of the most interesting 2013 Commencement message presentations I’ve seen is on this link from Slideshare.

It showcases four different slideshows that four different speakers created to deliver their personal messages to graduates.

Their visuals, the storylines, and the selection of words are fascinating – plus, you can click through them at your own speed. How great is this?

But today – the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend – I know you’ve got better things to do right now. Me too.

So save this Slideshare link for later “contemplative clicking.” I’ll reward you by not emailing out another Encourager until Tuesday.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day.

Tom Page, SCN



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