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Watch and learn from your retail cousins.

Black Friday shoppingSchool leaders and communicators have much in common with retailers and bricks and mortar shop owners.

And please don’t just pass me off as a father of girls who’s never gotten fully comfortable with all that comes along with Black Friday.

Can you really argue that there’s a big psychographic gap between the next generation of shoppers and the next generation of learners?

Oops. I guess not.

Now that I think about it myself – they’re the same people!

The PSFK Research Team has issued its fifth annual retail report.

If you’re looking to broaden your perspective on marketing and outreach a smidgen, poke about their recent Slideshare presentation.

Slide 5 gives an overview of a “manifesto.”

Ten points are listed… with at least seven directly touching us.

Dang, this is fun!

Dang, this is fun!

And keep on clicking.

Slide 6 offers these four cornerstones:
• Going Digital
• The Sales Floor (modernizing bricks & mortar)
• Technology
• Nurturing Loyalty

Yep, one of us could’ve helped out with creating this.
(Wasn’t me, though. No sports references.)

And if you believe “experiences” are important, Slide 19 has your back.

You get the idea.

The most effective retailers in the future will be the ones who place a priority on connecting with lifestyles, personal preferences, and delivering the right information at the right moment.

Sound vaguely familiar?

Thought so.

Keep on clicking.

Toward the end, there are profiles of CVS, IKEA, and Sears.

And not my dear old dad’s Sears, either. Or mine.

I thought the leaders at CVS asked themselves a couple of interesting questions.

They asked:
What will this new service, program, or product mean to our customers who are healthy?
What will this new service, program, or product mean to our customers who are sick?

Sound vaguely familiar?

Thought so.

But I’m bushed. Now it’s time to click your own way through this Slideshare, if you choose.

There are two topics you won’t find on any of the 88 slides in this report.

High stakes testing and storewide letter grade report cards.

The lucky ducks!


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