Going “Mobile” is old hat. But it’s still Communications Trend #9. – SCN Encourager

The countdown until December 25 and countdown of major trends in communications continues.

It all began yesterday.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 8.14.32 PMAnd today I sit in stunned wonderment.

I just can’t get over the fact that for a number of years – spanning nearly three decades – somehow my mom guided everyone in our family (whether we were in our teens, were college students, or even young marrieds…and heck! even old marrieds!) to get where we needed to be at holiday events and family festivities.

It’s incredible when I think about it.

She made sure we all got from here-to-there-and-then-over-there without any tech support at all.

No Google Calendar.
No Weather Channel.

I have no answer for how she did it.

Mom made sure we attended Uncle Pete’s annual holiday open house, sat through our cousin’s annual dance recital downtown, and were always “on call” to carry in the suitcases of any family members who came in from Indiana or Illinois for an annual holiday visit to Flint.

Maybe the answer for how she did it was that we kids had no tech support at the time, either.

No Twitter.
No Smartphones.
No Facebook.

My brothers and I didn’t have any social media to inform and tempt us with other options about where to go and what to do.

All we had was a “social mom.”

That was the extent of our “mobility.”

At least until we could get our driver’s licenses… which luckily in Flint we got at about age 12.

So this now brings me to Big Time Communications Trend #9.

And it is has two components for you to be mindful of in your planning for 2015.

Think more MOBILE.
Think more VIDEO.

I know you’re not shocked by these two.

That’s why I’m glad it’s Tech Tip Tuesday.

Remember how SCN’s Jim Camenga introduced our little OPO (One Person Office) mascot last week.

This week his tutorial features the VideoScribe software he used to call OPO to our attention.

So, be sure to check in with Jim’s Tech Tip when you get the chance.

My mom may not have ever needed tech tips and support.

And perhaps yours didn’t, either.

But we do.

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