Promoting our schools is a noble cause.

We believe in what YOU do.

And we know you’re working incredibly hard.

You're InvitedWe’re here to help.



If a confidential conversation might help you better clarify or visualize “your next steps” before you present them to others, let’s talk.

In fact, you can reach me right here.

There’s no risk or cost to say “Hey! Can I bounce this idea off you?”

This is why SCN got started in the first place – to support school leaders and communicators like you who want to take their school communications up to the next level in a demanding, ever-changing, highly competitive, and budget-crunched environment.

The support we provide can take many shapes; from an affirmation for the track you’re on, a helpful re-direct, a fresh set of eyes, or direct hands-on project design and execution.

Our main goal will always be to help you take something important to you and move it from good to great.

All without fanfare or fluff.

The credit is yours.

We’re happy to work behind-the-scenes on your behalf:
• project u0026amp; school PR/marketing consulting
• clarifying frameworks and phases
• creating “special project” campaigns
• leadership coaching u0026amp; training
• ramping up your social media strategy
• “multi-channeling” your district’s story; written, audio, visual

Every SCN team member has their own set of rock-solid school experiences and top-flight skills to bring to the planning table.

Tom Page, SCN founder (grizzled u0026amp; seasoned school communicator)

Tom Page, SCN founder
(grizzled u0026amp; seasoned school communicator)

You don’t have to go it alone.

And all it takes to get the ball rolling is a simple reach out.

That’s how our conversation begins.

You’ll quickly discover we’re down-to-earth, in-the-trenches communicators who want to see you succeed.


We’re all about the do-able, achievable, measurable, and affordable.

But listening to you comes first.

Let’s chat.

Here’s our SCN team.

Just shoot us an email.

You can call me on my cell phone, too.
(616) 566-6364  Anytime.

Whatever works.

For you.