How I cured the hiccups in GoAnimate.

Okay, I should’ve watched the help tutorial first!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.01.29 PMThat would’ve given me the cure I was looking for.

GoAnimate is a nifty online tool for creating animated videos, a product first shown here by SCN’s Holly McCaw.

I recently jumped into GoAnimate with both feet to create three animated cartoon lessons in school communications.  I liked the results. But my sudden jump gave me a case of hiccups in two areas of GoAnimate that added hours to my work time:
1. Lip syncing the character on the screen and
2. Figuring out the aspect ratio of the video.

In the video below, I address the lip syncing hiccup, a problem I eventually solved by working with GoAnimate’s stellar support staff:

Looking back on my trial by errors,  I should have watched the GoAnimate tutorial called: How To Select A Business Theme To Achieve Your Objectives on the GoAnimate support page:

Join me next time to read my cure for the GoAnimate “aspect ratio” hiccups. Have questions or suggestions? Please contact me at:

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