How I dealt with everyone away on Spring Break – SCN Encourager

What can I say?

I missed you guys.

With so many of you down south this past week, I had to go it alone.

It wasn’t easy.

But actually, I’m dang good at writing “from me to me.”

You’re a much more discerning reader.  (lucky duck!)

As is typical with most of life’s problems today, I found an app to help me cope with the absence of nearly all of my Michigan friends.

It’s called

As you can see, it’s a “coffee shop atmosphere” simulator.

The developers claim a moderate level ambient noise in the background while you work will enhance your creativity and ability to focus.

So I revved up RainyCafe when I sat down yesterday to write this Encourager.

If anyone ever deserved more creativity and focus from me, it’s you.

But I’m sorry to report this app didn’t help me at all.

I found the ambient noise – and plates and silverware clanging – made me hungry.

And just like our little ones at school, I can’t write on an empty stomach.

You get back home safe and sound.


You’re needed more than you know!





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