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Do you write paragraphs filled with “satisfying textures and unique flavorings?”

HypnosisBy definition, this is what hypnotic writers do.

I thought it had something to do with causing readers to nod off and go to sleep.

This is what I do.

So, by definition, I’m not a hypnotic writer.


This bit of information is a swell way to start the week.

Well, all is not lost.

I’m now reading Joe Vitale’s longtime best-seller “Hypnotic Writing” so I can add some vim and verve and dipsy and doodle to my paragraphs about high school registration, back-to-school open houses, and our 1:1 district owned mobile device guidelines.

Joe is a famous sales and marketing copywriter.

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 6.49.35 PMI picked up his book because it promises to teach me how to “seduce and persuade” people with only my words.

Cindy cautioned me about getting my hopes up.

She thinks I’ll only be able to achieve this outcome if I’m also passing out big wads of cash rolled up in rubber bands at the same time.

But to my surprise, she didn’t tell me to give up on Joe’s book and put it away.

It figures.

After hearing the same words of seduction and persuasion from me for several decades, she’s probably inwardly praying that Joe actually can teach me a new trick or two.

Maybe even me inspire to learn French or something.

Only time will tell.

So far, the results are not encouraging.

Unfortunately Joe makes it clear in chapter 15 that there’s no silver bullet for crafting words that seduce and persuade.

He said that you must think about who you are writing for… imagine their dreams… and help them envision a meaningful and beneficial future.

If you consistently write with this in mind,  you’ll impact your desired results significantly.

I see his point.

Our parents send their children to our schools with many unsaid dreams and hopes.

I’ll be a better writer if I always remember this.

However, I’m not so sure this will help me out much with Cindy.

The last time (2003, maybe?) I asked Cindy about her dreams and hopes, she replied with “what are you up to now?”

And I never did find out.


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