January 2019 LUNCHINAR with Supt. KellyMiddleton

By Tom Page, SCN Founder | Lunchinars (Lunch & Learn)

Topic: Improving customer service in our schools

“You’ll find many gems in Kelly’s insights. An a-ha for me was Kelly’s perspective that customer service is modeled from the very top… and the rest fot the organization over time will mirror that. If there’s no oomph at the top, your customer service will lag.” Tom Page, SCN

Video from Newport, KY Schools (New cafeteria!)


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email: Kelly.Middleton@newport.kyschools.us

Twitter: @Kellsinfotweets

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About the Author

Prior to launching SCN I was the communications director for Holland Public Schools in Holland, Michigan for 20 years. The challenges for in-the-trenches school communicators are many – and if I can help you in any way, give me a call. I'm a former teacher and I've managed more than 100 election campaigns of all types and sizes over the years. (I was even featured in the Wall Street Journal... a very, very slow news day, no doubt!) I created the School Communicators Network because I believe the noble purpose of education deserves the best marketing and PR possible. And there's a lot of talent and expertise we can tap into! I'm also convinced we can support each other while remaining human and having fun, too. You can reach me at tomp@scnforyou.com.