Just once. It’d be nice if Cindy would follow Michelle Obama’s example. – SCN Encourager

I doubt I’d have the nerve to tell her this, though.

But I think it’d be wonderful!

Michelle Obama totally gets it.

She consistently steps up to promote “her man.”

Michelle even made the effort to showcase her feelings appropriately within the context of Father’s Day.

Perhaps you saw this on Twitter.












In my book this is a perfect example of “event-jacking” (attaching) your message to a well-known holiday, cause, or celebration.

I’m beyond envious.

I could only see Cindy tweeting out something similar about me in my dreams.

But still.. I can’t help hoping Cindy would follow Michelle’s model and make some effort in publicly promoting me.

I showed her how Michelle strategically used this tweet to tap into the appeal of “Father’s Day.”

“See?” I nudged. “How much time would it really take for you to do something like this?”

“More time than it would take me to quickly write down ten differences between you and Barack Obama,” Cindy responded. “Want me to get going on that?”

I declined her offer.

However, I’m afraid I started something I should’ve left alone.

Especially with July 4th coming up.

Another holiday fairly easy to event-jack.

Cindy’s now working on a blog post of her own.

“More grateful than ever for our Freedom of Speech.
10 things my school communicator husband could learn from our former president.”

(Uh, oh.)

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