A “lean in” MSPRA style – SCN Encourager 10/16/2013

Do you remember yesterday’s topic?

It was about using little “lean ins” to positively impact the much bigger commitment you’re hoping to obtain farther down the road.

Don’t worry if you’ve already forgotten it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 11.14.32 AMI have too — and I just wrote it two days ago! No wonder I was crappy at this game.

But here is the Encourager which presented all you need to know about “lean ins.”

Obviously, I’m hoping you’ll also forget that I just made this claim.

Anyway, “lean ins” are important to building awareness and connections.

The Michigan School Public Relations Association (MSPRA) is employing a fantastic “lean in” in the promotion of its all-day conference at Oakland Schools on Friday, November 1.

Here’s the MSPRA website with all of nitty gritty.

And here’s my take on the MSPRA “lean in”… in case you don’t want to take the time to investigate it for yourself and you’re just going to trust my knowledge and expertise on the matter. (Good luck!)

You know how conferences will frequently charge different rates for members and non-members?  Like $99 for members (with an open bar and 18 holes of golf) and $628 for non-members (and you must caddy for the members).

Well, MSPRA is charging everybody from everywhere the same rate; $55 for half-day and $90 for all-day.

Pretty good, huh?

This is definitely a great “lean in” as well as a nice way to invite school folks from all over our state to an MSPRA event, to acquire new skills, and better yet, meet up with some awesome people.

The two-session training on November 1 is called “Video for Newbies.”

It’s geared for school communicators and, as an apprentice newbie myself, I’m glad Jim and Holly (the trainers) take an informal step-by-step “hands-on” approach with only a minimal amount of cursing and yelling at you.

Jim Camenga is the retired school communications specialist from Zeeland Public Schools and he is now a videographer and writer for MacMedia in Holland.

Holly McCaw has been the communications director for Otsego Public Schools for the last couple of years and she came to her position with an extensive background in TV production (Channel 3 in Kalamazoo, Fox 17 in Grand Rapids).

Come, bring your iPad, have some fun planning and creating your own videos, and leave with a few new skills and ideas you can use back in your district.

You know you have great stories all around you. Right now. They’re almost writing themselves.

So whether it’s you… or an assistant or another person on your team… it’s worth investing in someone for one day to explore the possibilities of better videos in your district.

All are invited, MSPRA members and “new friends” alike.

I’ll be there, too… so there’s absolutely no chance you’ll be the dumbest person in the room… guaranteed.

Hope to see you!  (MSPRA)

Tom Page, SCN
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