Life advice from Steve Jobs, Oprah, and me – SCN Encourager 9/12/2013

I’m proud of this headline. I only wish it were true.

This is why I’m rushing it along speedy-kwik fashion to get it posted on the internet.

I’m sure my old buddies from my high school graduating class back in the Flint area will be surfing the web sometime and boom! It’ll pop up on them.

Imagine their astonishment when they see that I’m now listed with the elite of the elite – sharing a headline on the internet with Oprah and Steve Jobs.

Don’t laugh. This tactic for gaining renewed respect from my former classmates might actually succeed.

The odds are overwhelming that they’ll never figure out I was behind this charade all along.

Consider that my graduating class never won any academic awards or honors.

Not one.

Not that it ever could – geeks and nerds weren’t even born yet.

But at least my graduating class didn’t demonstrate a data-driven achievement gap.

We missed out on all of this fun.

Not that we ever could’ve achieved much of an achievement gap – as the masses of us basically cycled through our “industrial tech” classes as one humongous sub-group, with each one of us receiving the same C+ grade.

I give you this background to prepare you for the obvious.

This link (right here) will take you to an interactive infographic that gives “life advice” from 18 of the world’s wealthiest people… and I’m not one of them.

not me, either

not me, either

While I think you’ll enjoy “flipping” through the short inspirational blurbs, it’s the unique design of the graphic that’ll blow you away.

It’s incredibly engaging – and better yet – you’ll envision ways you might put together something similar in promoting your own school or district programs.

Give it a look.

And please… if you created a slick visual like this back in your own high school days, don’t write to tell me.

I believe I’m passing along a hidden gem. Let me savor the moment.

And furthermore, I’ll be jealous in a way I can’t describe.

All the mini-windmills, candle-sticks, and ash trays I made in school won’t seem so “groovy” to me anymore.

Tom Page, SCN
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