The real skinny about Tuesday’s Lunchinar – SCN Encourager

Meet host Holly McCaw and our two panelists.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.20.31 AMI’ll get to the point right away.

(And I’m ignoring all of you who are now shouting “FINALLY!)

Reminder #1 is about  Tuesday’s free 45 minute “lunch & learn” Lunchinar.

It’ll run from 12:15 to 1 pm.

Please email me if you’d like to sign up.

Although it’s SCN’s “first ever” tech-driven virtual meet-up, the three school communicators you’ll see on the screen are anything but “first-evers”

They’re “first class.”

Holly McCawThe Lunchinar’s host is Holly McCaw, the communications director at Otsego Public Schools. She’s an amazing school PR pro with an incredibly strong background in real-world televisionand video. I’m positive Holly will guide tomorrow’s conversation in a way that’ll totally connect to what you do day-in and day-out. (Holly’s exceptional skills and talents I can guarantee. It’s my own that make me nervous… she’s handling the discussion, I’m the one charged with emailing out the right Zoom links tomorrow.)

Michelle ReadyMichelle Ready is the Communications & Marketing Director for the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (West Michigan). Since the OAISD serves my district of Holland Public, I’ve benefitted from Michelle’s creative talents and experience for a long time. She’s a great encouragement to every school communicator and taught me that it’s okay to work hard and have a good sense of humor about it. (When my frequent attempts at humor cause you cringe, Michelle’s the one to blame.) 

School Communicator Gerri AllenI think every school communicator everywhere loves Gerri Allen, the executive director of MSPRA. Who doesn’t enjoy her genuine friendliness and her depth of practical communications “know how?”  The next time I see Gerri in person, I’m going to lobby her run for President as a 3rd party to give America a non-Hillary and non-Donald choice. I probably won’t have much luck. She told me that her participation in the Lunchinar was already pushing the limit to how much help she’d give me. (Smart woman.) 

And here’s Reminder #2 – There’s still time to sign up for MSPRA’s social media summit on Thursday in Lansing. It’ll be a high value winner for school communicators.

Gerri will be there.

I’ll be there.

Maybe she’ll give me an answer about her presidential ambitions then.

But that’s assuming she’ll even talk to me at all.

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